Equity Program

Equity Program


About our Equity Program…

After one year of renting with Barcone’s, your rental fee collected can be applied towards the purchase of a new instrument!

No need to enroll, your rental payment history will be recorded and the amount can be applied to a new purchase anytime after your first year.

Brass and Winds:

100% of your rental fee collected for you first year only renting an instrument can be applied as a credit toward the purchase of a new instrument.


Because string instruments are sized and you may need to play for several years before you are ready to purchase a full size instrument, equity toward a new purchase will be credited as follows…

  • 1st year: 100% of rental fee will be credited

  • 2nd year: 60% of rental fee will be credited

  • AND 20% of rental fee will be credited for each additional year you continue to rent!

If you have any questions regarding our equity program or the amount of equity you have on a current rental contract, please give us a call at 845-331-6089