How does the Barcone’s School Music Rental Program work?

  • Thanks for inquiring about our rental program! Our rentals are a full-year program broken into 2 6-month rental payments.
    Our rental terms are from September 1- March 1, and from March 1- September 1. 

I see there is a spot on the rental contract for my credit card number. Why do you need this?

In order to secure the instruments we offer, we require a credit card number for security purposes in the event that an instrument is lost, stolen, or destroyed. We will never charge your card outside of the rental terms outlined in your rental contract.

I rented the instrument- when will it arrive or when should I pick it up?

  • We have educational representatives out on the road multiple times a week, delivering to over 100 schools in 6 counties.

  • If you order and instrument or product during the school year, it will then be delivered to your school on the day your Ed Representative visits.

  • Please reach out to us if you want to know what day a representative visits your school!

Do I need anything else with my rental aside from the instrument?

  • There are certain accessories that teachers request- the top picks are usually lesson books and music stands! If you fill out our rental contract online, there will be a section to fill out if you would like to add any of these accessories to your rental. Then, once you complete it, we can process the payment for everything and deliver everything you ordered to your child’s school!

When does my initial rental payment get processed?

  • Great question! Payments are charged within a week of receiving the rental form at our office.

Help! My child’s rental instrument needs work- what do I do?

  • If your instrument is not playing correctly, or something does not feel right on the instrument, just give our store a call at 845.331.6089.

  • We have representatives out on the road on a regular basis. Give us a call and we will direct you on where to leave the instrument,
    and as long as your account is current, we will exchange your rental so that no more practice time is lost!

My child decided to quit playing, but our rental is not due yet. Can I get a refund of the remaining money for this time period?

  • There are no rental refunds issued back to customers.
    Please contact our billing and accounting department to discuss this if you have further questions.

I am renting my child’s instrument from you, but I cannot get up to your store. What do I do?

  • Depending on your district, we make a weekly or biweekly visit to your school!

  • Simply contact us and let us know how we can help!

I have an instrument that I own and something isn’t working right. Do you fix instruments?

  • Absolutely we do! Whether it’s band or orchestra, we perform all repairs all in-house

  • (with the exception of lacquering due to OSHA regulations).

How long will my repair take?

  • This can be a difficult question to answer! Generally we quote 1 week for repairs.

  • However, depending on the time of year and how many repairs are in the shop, it can take longer. We try to give an accurate quote time, as we understand how important it is to get an instrument back to the player in a timely fashion!

Do I need an appointment to bring in my repair?

  • Generally speaking, you do not need an appoint to come a drop off your instrument for repairs.

  • However, if you are looking to speak with the technician about the repair, it would be a good idea to call ahead and schedule a time to speak with them face-to-face.