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Linda Marion


Linda Marion received a Bachelor of Science in Music from SUNY New Paltz.  She also studied at the Manhattan Prep School with scholarship, the last two years of high school she studied with Lillian Fuchs at the Manhattan School of Music and also studied at the Aspen Music Festival for five summers. Her teacher Lillian Fuchs teacher was Joseph Kniezel and his teacher was Johannes Brahms.  She has been a member of the Suburban Symphony, Columbia University Orchestra, Woodstock Chamber Orchestra and the Newburg Greater Chamber Symphony.  Her solo performances have been with the Surburban Symphony, The Little Haydn Chamber Orchestra and the New Paltz Chamber Orchestra.  Linda Marion makes learning fun.  For children ages 3-10 she uses the piano, two harps, and two different sized xylophones.  She coaches a small group of children in a performing ensemble. She chooses music for the children and adults that is beautiful as well as enjoyable to play on any instrument.  

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(845) 255-9620